" I work in pen & ink or bright, bold acrylic. I attempt to achieve texture and depth with nothing more than a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Patterns and colors in nature fascinate me. I love to try to interpret those images on paper or canvas. I find it extremely relaxing to draw black and white patterns. Color, on the other hand, freaks me out. I paint big, bright images. I don't seem to have an in-between setting. It's either small and intricately detailed, or large 'slap in the face' color."

Jeanne has gained critical acclaim for her pen and ink illustrations and vibrant paintings. She currently has work on display in several locations throughout the greater Denver area, including Kanon Collective Gallery in the 40West Arts District, Cookies & Crema Coffee in Castle Rock, and Fika Coffeehouse in downtown Parker.

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Raised in Colorado, she has called Castle Rock her home for over a decade, and works closely with the Parker Artists Guild, and Kanon Collective Gallery. 

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